Competitive Advantages:

Our modern factory spans thousands of square meters and employs over a hundred skilled staff. With international-level production equipment, design and development teams, and market technology management expertise, we pride ourselves on our capabilities. Additionally, our integration with thousands of children’s clothing factories enables us to meet diverse global demands for children’s clothing.

Bengbu Xuanka, lmport and Export Trade Co, Ltd operates as a large-scale children’s clothing factory, integrating product development, research and design, manufacturing, sales, and brand operation. We have successfully exported to over 100 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Iraq and Iran.

Core Service Capabilities in the childrens clothing field:

Xuanka can provide certified high-quality materials, rigorous production processes, and products that conform to international safety standards. This ensures that global buyers receive childrens clothing products of both safety and quality.

ADDRESS:Rm. 1114, Comprehensive Building, No. 1352, Gaoxin Road, Bengbu, Anhui,China.
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